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About Us

Sport and Star Autographs was the development of a hobby spanning many years. We opened our first shop in 1998, gradually over the years we have grown and become one of the most well respected and recognised UACC and AFTAL dealers in the country.

Unfortunately, in those 10 years not only has autograph collecting itself become harder but also the number of forged items has increased dramatically, prices have also risen on a dramatic slope – this itself a reason for the forgers to jump in.

This is what led Sport and Star Autographs to form and be the founders of AFTAL Autograph Fair Trade Association. AFTAL is run by the best autograph authenticators in the UK, each specializing in their own field.

The vast majority of our contemporary autographs are obtained directly from in person collectors who are hand picked by us. They have actually obtained the signature their selves. Wherever possible we supply exact details of when and where signed. Vintage signatures are obtained from well known auction houses and private collections which are authenticated by the best authenticators in the world.

This guarantee’s you the buyer that any autograph you buy from Sport and Star Autographs is 100% genuine.

All our autographs come with a certificate of authenticity and lifetime guarantee.