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1953 Everest Expedition Hand Signed by 5 [EESPSB5]

A stunning 12x8 colour photo of a view from the summit of Everest hand signed clearly in black marker by 5 members of the 1953 MOUNT EVEREST expedition. SIR EDMUND HILLARY (died 2008) the first man to conquer Mount Everest along with Sherpa Tenzing. Signed at Sir Edmund's home address in New Zealand (29/10/05). GEORGE LOWE C.NZ.M., OBE (died 2013) was an integral part of the 1953 expedition. Sir Edmund Hillary's best friend and was his Best man at his marriage. It was George who was the first person to congratulate Sir Edmund at the closest camp to the summit. Mr Lowe also went with Sir Edmund on the Trans-antarctic expedition in 1955. Signed at Peak District book club (29/10/06). GEORGE BAND (died 2011) the youngest member of the team. He is also a highly successful mountaineer who among his many achievements was the first man to conquer another of the Himalayan mountains Kangchenjunga the world's third highest peak in 1955. Signed at Peak district book club (29/10/06). MIKE WESTMACOTT - (died 2012) Experienced mountaineer and Royal engineer kept the Ice flow section open during ascent and descent. Signed at Mr Westmacott's home address (15/09/06). ALFRED GREGORY - (died 2010) Another accomplished mountaineer, official photographer for the climb. Signed at Mr Gregory's home address in Australia (12/12/06).