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Fastest With The Mostest 'Gravity' Limited Edition Cel [AA010]

Legendary Warner Bros. Director , Chuck Jones has created a special collection of limited edition cels to celebrate the opening of the new Warner Bros. Galleries. Memorable scenes have been selected from over 200 films he has directed for Warner Bros. Using the scenes as inspiration, he has illustrated each image and supervised the background design in his current artistic style. The line image is hand inked by Mr Jones on paper. That line image is then transferred by hand cut serigraph screen to transparent cel acetate to create the edition. In traditional animation style, these cels are flipped over and each one is individually hand painted with acrylic animation cel paint by expert cel painters, selected for their craftmanship and attention to detail. Colors are selected by Mr Jones. Each background image is also reproduced by hand cut serigraph screen on 100 # card stock which insures a distinct and vibrant effect. To make these images truly unique, Mr Jones personally signs each of the cels. limited Edition number 91 of 100 produced. Double mounted and framed in black. The overall size is approx 18x19 inches.