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Marc Bolan & Steve Peregrin Took Signed Presentation [4594156]

Vintage double album page baring the rare autographs of Marc Bolan (died 1977) and Steve Peregrin Took (died 1980) who were the original duo of Glam Rock band T-Rex but was back then only known as Tyrannosaurus Rex. Both have hand signed the pages extremely clear in blue ink with the collecter adding the wording 'Tyrannosaurus Rex' to the centre of the pages. The duo released 3 albums together before Took left the group in 1969 after Marc Bolan sacked him due to Took's behaviour and lifestyle spiraling out of control. After one more album Bolan changed the name to T-Rex and expanded the duo to a full band. The autographs have been professionally framed to museum standard. A unique, exclusive one off photo mount has been designed baring the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex insignia and a famous Marc Bolan quote all in psychedelic colours. The quote reads - 'If God were to appear in my room, obviously I would be in awe, but I don't think I would be humble. I might cry, but I think he would dig me like crazy'. Along with the autographs, a stunning black and white photo of the duo has been presented in the special designed mount. The signing details have also been added underneath the photo. The autograph was obtained at the Radio 1 Club at the Paris Theatre, Lower Regent Street, London in 1968. Overall size approx 27x27 inches.