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David Bowie Signed Autograph Presentation [0053393]

A superior vintage example of David Bowie's autograph. Signed very cleary in black ink on 6x4 page and dated 80. It was signed at the Booth Theatre in New York. The Elephant Man had its opening night at the Booth on 23rd September 1980 and this was signed back stage in Bowie's dressing room Bowie opened a 3 month run of the Elephant Man starring as John Merrick. The autograph is presented with a rare autograph 12x12 inch vintage 1980 (US Release) flat by artist Edward Bell, promoting Bowie's UK No.1 album of the period Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps), which was released just before on 12th September 1980. the flat is in excellent condition.Professionally mounted with David Bowie cut into the mount and framed in a black frame with a plate engraved with the relevant details. The overall size is approx. 23x34 inches.